The Oilers’ Taylor Hall Scores a “Bra Trick”

Taylor Hall Bra Trick

I never thought about it before, but the tradition of throwing your hat onto the ice after a player on the team you’re rooting for scores three goals in a hockey game is kind of outmoded, since people don’t really wear hats all that often anymore. But one woman at Thursday night’s game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Colorado Avalanche found a solution, as she threw her bra onto the ice instead.

Taylor Hall was the Oilers player who scored what is now being called a “bra trick,” and I for one kind of hope this becomes a new trend. It puts hockey in the same realm as an Elvis concert, which is always welcome.

The photo of the thrown bra can be seen above, courtesy of Dennis Bernstein (check him out on Twitter here). Now, if only we could extend bra-throwing to other aspects of life—why should hockey players get all the action?

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