9 Greatest Snow Games in the History of the NFL

greatest memorable nfl snow games

Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles played the Detroit Lions at Lincoln Financial Field under conditions that, at times, could only be described as blizzard-like. Only light snow showers had been forecasted, but mother nature ended up dumping a half foot of the white stuff on the Philadelphia area. And while it played havoc with the coaches’ game plans, it ended up being a fantastic game that was a lot of fun to watch from the comfort of your couch…wrapped in a blanket and a clutching warm cup of coffee.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this game will go down as one of the most memorable snow games in NFL history. However, I’m not quite ready to make the call on where, exactly, this one fits. So in the meantime, lets take a look at other famous snow games on the short list. Some were played recently, while others took place a generation ago. However, they were all made more memorable thanks to a blanket of the white stuff.

Take a look, and if you want, weigh in and let us know where you think the Eagles-Lions game ranks.


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