Bill Belichick Gave T.J. Ward Quite the Death Stare After He Shredded the Ligaments in Gronk’s Knee (GIF)

bill belichick gives t.j. ward death stare

Any time a star NFL player is lost for the season as the result of a single hit, it’s going to spark some discussion. The hit by T.J. Ward on Rob Gronkowski yesterday is certainly no exception.

After the game, with reporters asking the obvious questions—like, “do you think you’re hit to Gronk’s knees was legal?”—Ward defended his play.

“It’s kind of being caught between a rock and a hard place,” he responded. “When they set the rule [outlawing hits to the head], everyone knew what was going to happen…It’s pretty much inevitable, and they forced our hand with this one.”

Ward then went on to explain that, as someone who has been fined for hits to the head, he now can’t afford to take any chances. “They’re starting to suspend people for the year,” he explained before adding, “I can’t risk that. I won’t risk that.”

Of course, you know Bill Belichick wasn’t having any of that. After the hit he was SEETHING, and he shot Ward one hell of a death stare:

Bill Belichick gives T.J. Ward the death stare

So what do you think? Clean hit or dirty hit? Avoidable or not?

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