Cavaliers Fan in “Kyrie Don’t Leave” Shirt Walks Onto Court During Game (Video)

It would seem that fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting a little nervous about Kyrie Irving leaving the team like LeBron James did. Or at least one fan is, as he managed to wander onto the court during last night’s NBA match up between the Cavs and the Los Angeles Clippers while wearing a “Kyrie Don’t Leave” t-shirt.

What’s even stranger about the incident is that it took a few minutes before the guy was even noticed, getting close enough to the action to actually touch Irving without interrupting the game.

As you might imagine, the “Kyrie Don’t Leave” guy got quite a bit of attention during last night’s game (after he almost ran into Chris Paul and security was alerted, anyway). So you can see him from a few angles in the gallery up top, and watch video of his intrusion below. No word on if he was able to convince Kyrie Irving to stay in Cleveland this way.


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