DeSean Jackson Was Doing the TerRio in the Snow Yesterday (GIF + Video)

desean jackson does the TerRio in snow

Have you noticed that dance everyone in the NFL is doing when they score touchdowns this year? The one where they bend down and take a scoop of the ground with one hand, then bend down and take a scoop of the ground with the other hand?

Well, as you may or may not know, this dance that all these pro football players are doing was inspired by a first grader named TerRio. Back in the summer, TerRio’s cousin uploaded a Vine of the portly little kid doing a celebration dance after scoring a basket on his driveway basketball court. That Vine exploded, and that begat more Vines. And Videos. And then, pretty soon, everybody was doing “The TerRio.”

However, though we’ve seen tons of NFL players doing the TerRio this season, there is none more notable than the Eagles’ DeSean Jackson. Here he is doing the TerRio in the snow yesterday in Philadelphia:

DeSean Jackson does the TerRio

What makes this performance of the TerRio more notable than all the others? Well, the snow, for one. But, more than that, it’s the fact that, earlier this week, Jackson was hanging out with TerRio. And he posted some videos on Instagram of some intensive TerRio instruction from the man (well, boy) himself.

Take a look:

So there you have it. DeSean Jackson is the NFL’s premier performer of the TerRio. He has studied with the master.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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