FSU “Red Lightning” Greets Jameis Winston After Hit (GIF)

Red Lightning Congratulating Jameis Winston

A couple days ago we told you about “Red Lightning,” the FSU ball boy who was present during seemingly every big FSU play of the season, according to his “highlight reel.” Well, good news for you Red Lightning fans: He was spotted at yesterday’s ACC Championship game against Duke, giving invaluable moral support to Jameis Winston after a painful hit.

Commentator Brent Musburger probably said it best when he remarked “Red Lightning is the first friendly face Jameis saw after that hit.” That’s another one for the highlight reel, Red Lightning!

You can see Red Lightning in all of his electric glory, giving Jameis Winston his full support, in the animated GIF below. Be sure to show this to anyone you hear doubting the existence of Red Lightning.

And in case you missed it (or you just feel like listening to Cake again), the original Red Lightning highlight reel is here:


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