LeSean McCoy Made the Lions Defense Look Silly on Sunday (GIFs)

lesean mccoy running past detroit lions in snow

The performance of Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy yesterday would been impressive under any circumstances. The guy had 217 yards on the ground against the Lions, and 148 of them came in the fourth quarter—as did his two touchdowns of 40 and 57 yards.

But the fact that the NFL’s rushing leader did it all in six inches of snow? That’s just ridiculous.

Here is McCoy’s first touchdown:

lesean mccoy snow touchdown

Here is his second, in which he completely blows past the entire Lions backfield:

lesean mccoy snow touchdown

And here he is just making Detroit defenders look silly:

lesean mccoy juke in snow

Seriously, we all knew LeSean McCoy was one of the NFL’s premium running backs. But that snowy performance makes him a bit of a legend, doesn’t it?

In any case, thanks to his big day, McCoy leapfrogged Adrian Peterson, who left Sunday’s game with with a foot injury having run for just seven yards. McCoy now has 1305 yards this year, while Peterson has 1221.

Well done, LeSean.

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