Oklahoma State Scores Field Goal During Earthquake (GIF)

Oklahoma State Earthquake Field Goal

It’s hard enough to do things like set a table or arrange books on a bookshelf during an earthquake, but Oklahoma State Cowboys kicker Ben Grogan took the “doing things while the ground is moving under your feet” game to the next level by scoring a 41-yard field goal in Saturday’s game against the University of Oklahoma Sooners during an actual earthquake. For you amateur seismologists out there, this was measured as a magnitude 4.5 earthquake, and there were reports of noticeable movement in the ground while the kick was made.

It happened at about halfway through the second quarter, and the field goal gave Oklahoma State a 3-point lead over Oklahoma. Although in my opinion, a field goal kicked during an earthquake should be worth a couple extra points, right? Of course, in the final score a couple of extra points wouldn’t have made a difference, as the Sooners ended up beating the Cowboys 33 to 24.

To see Oklahoma State’s earthquake field goal in a disappointingly steady camera shot, just check out the animated GIF below.


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