Bears Receiver Alshon Jeffery Comes Up with Insane Touchdown Catch Against the Cowboys (GIFs)

alshon jeffery touchdown

The Chicago Bears dealt a big blow to the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff chances last night. With the game-time temperature reading 8º and the will chill clocking in at an unpleasant -9º, Josh McCown and company managed to catch fire and hand a 45-28 beatdown to America’s Team.

So how’s they do it? Well, it wasn’t by playing conservatively, that’s for sure. Just take the final play of the first half, for example. The Bears were up three and well within field goal range. However, with 17 seconds on the clock, they decided to take one more try at the end zone. So the aforementioned McCown threw a forty yard pass into double coverage in the corner of the endzone—and receiver Alshon Jeffery somehow came down with it and got both his feet in bounds.

It was one hell of a play. Take a look:

Alshon Jeffery touchdown

Alshon Jeffery touchdown

Not bad, right? And it turns out it wasn’t just a great play. It was also an historic one. According to, that was the 100th touchdown scored in Week 14, which is a record.

As for the game itself, this TD pretty much sums it all up. Everything went right for McCown and the Bears. Very little went right for the Cowboys and their porous defense.

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