Bears Receiver Brandon Marshall Obliterated Cowboys Linebacker Sean Lee Last Night (GIFs)

brandon marshall block on sean lee

Last year, Seattle Seahwaks receiver Golden Tate got fined $21,000 for a huge, bone-crushing helmet-first blind block on Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee. Remember that?

Well, I bring it up now because last night Lee got destroyed by another blind block. This time, however, it was Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall protecting QB Josh McCown. And this time it was completely legal.

During the Bears’ win over the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, Marshall spotted Lee zeroing in on his QB, so he threw himself in the way at the last second, absolutely flattening the guy. Take a look:

brandon marshall block on sean lee

brandon marshal hit on sean lee

On the bright side, it probably didn’t hurt that much. With the single-digit game-time temperature, Lee was probably already numb all over.

In any case, after that hit, Seattle’s Tate took to twitter to offer Lee some very helpful advice:

golden tate tweet about brandon marshall hit on sean lee

Yes, Sean Lee. Keep you head on a swivel…before somebody just goes and knocks it right off.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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