Steelers Lineman Cody Wallace Gave Dolphins Lineman Randy Starks a Pretty Thorough Prostate Exam on Sunday (GIF)

cody wallace shoves hand up randy starks ass

Poor Randy Starks. The Dolphins lineman thought was just making a routine tackle, but he ended up getting a prostate exam. And unless there are doctors out there who administer prostate exam while you lie face-down in the snow in sea-green spandex pants, I’d say this one was anything but routine.

“Wait,” you say. “He got a what now?” And I understand your confusion. But it sounds weird and disgusting because it is weird and disgusting.

During Sunday’s game between the Dolphins and Steelers, Pittsburgh OL Cody Wallace decided to take advantage of the fact that the Dolphins’ Randy Starks was trapped at the bottom of a pile-up and shove his hand up his backside.

He stuck it in there pretty well, too. Take a look:



I’m starting to think that, when it comes to the secret stuff that goes on between NFL players, racial slurs and guys pissing their pants are just the tip of the iceberg.

God help us all.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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