Watch 5’9″ Isaiah Thomas Stuff 6’10” Bernard James at the Rim (Video + GIF)

isaiah thomas block

On Sunday night, the Sacramento Kings made headlines for something having to do with basketball (as opposed to their ownership struggles) for the first time in years. How’d they do that? By acquiring big-time scorer Rudy Gay from Toronto in a seven-player deal.

However, last night it wasn’t their new star who made a highlight reel play that’s going viral on sports websites across the web. It was one of the guys they already had—the 5’9″ Isaiah Thomas. All he did was leap up like some kind of superhero and stuff the Dallas Mavericks’ 6’10” big man, Bernard James, as he was trying to dunk.

Take a look:

Now, did Thomas actually get a piece of the ball? Well…

isaiah thomas block

Maybe not. It looks like he might have gotten more of James’ hand than anything. But I think it says somewhere in the NBA rulebook that this is legal with the defender is more than one foot shorter than the shooting player, right?

And regardless…LOL Bernard.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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