20 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2013

hottest nfl cheerleaders 2013

Well, it’s mid-December, which means there is good new and bad news for all you fans of NFL cheerleaders.

The bad news? It’s freaking cold out there, so when games are played outside the girls are going to be all bundled up.

The good ? Now that it’s cold outside, it’s time to warm you all up with our annual list of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL.

Yes, while some folks like to present their rankings at the beginning of the season, we think it makes more sense to wait until the season is mostly over to make the call.  For starters, most NFL cheerleading squads don’t have their websites updated until after the season begins. And, more importantly, it really helps to see everyone in action before passing judgement.

But enough of the introduction. You’re probably ready to see this year’s rankings. So, everyone, right this way…


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