Andre Johnson Spent Another $17,000 on Toys for Needy Kids (Video)

andre johnson shopping spree christmas toys

The Houston Texans have had an absolutely disastrous year on the football field. They were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders, but instead have lost 11 games in a row—and counting.

However, Pro Bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson isn’t about to get caught up in that and forget what’s really important in life. Yes, his work life has been miserable, but he knows he is still a very lucky man, and he puts his money where his heart is.

On Tuesday morning, Johnson held his 7th annual toy giveaway. The deal? Twelve kids under the care of the Texas Department of Children’s Protective Services got 80 seconds to go nuts in a local Toys “R” Us, picking out anything they want—which is basically every kid’s wildest dream. The bill when it was all said and done? A hefty $17,352.

At a whopping $1,446 per child, I’d say those kids made out okay.

Take a look at the video:

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I suppose you could argue that $17,352 could be more judiciously spread out to help more people in need. But who’s to say Johnson doesn’t give more money to other organizations?

More importantly, how can you calculate the cultural impact of this act of generosity, or the impression it makes on us? How many  people does this inspire to go out and be generous at the holidays? How many people does it inspire to smile at a stranger?

Well done, Andre Johnson. You’re a Pro Bowl human being.

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