Danica Patrick Dresses Up as Showgirl and Makes Jokes About Her Breasts (Video)

Danica Patrick showgirl costume

Why would the American Country Awards hire NASCAR driver Danica Patrick as a co-host when she’s not an entertainer and she’s not even doing very well in NASCAR? Because she’s hot, and she agreed to dress up as a Las Vegas showgirl.

Yes, that’s right. Last night Danica—who finished the 2013 Spring Cup season in 27th place with zero wins, zero top fives, one pole, one top ten—co-hosted the American Country Awards.

No, not the Country Music Awards. No, not the Academy of Country Music Awards. And no, not the Country Music Television Awards. The American Country Awards. The show was created by the Fox network in 2010, and all of it’s awards are determined by online fan voting—so you know they are legit.

Anyway, Patrick co-hosted with Trace Adkins, live from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and midway through the evening she was like, “screw it, you all know why I’m famous,” and did a dance number dressed as a showgirl.

Then she make a joke about her small boobs. (Seriously.)

Keep in mind, this is the same woman who so badly wants to be considered a serious race car driver that she gets mad when people make jokes about how she does win any races.

I’m starting to think Danica Patrick might be sending mixed messages here.

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