WVU Girl Twerks in Stands, Fans Throw Cash (Video)

WVU Twerking

I guess the halftime show during last night’s game between West Virginia and Gonzaga couldn’t hope to compete with this impromptu performance in the stands, courtesy of one very enthusiastic female WVU fan. She broke out every twerking maneuver in her repertoire during the show, which her fellow Mountaineers appreciated with quiet respect and dignit– oh wait, no, they threw cash at her.

The performance was captured on video from a couple of different perspectives, but they all show the same basic narrative: Girl Mountaineer starts twerking, guy Mountaineers start freaking out and throwing cash. And according to the following tweet from a fan at the game, it’s possible that she got ejected from the game for her behavior (no word on whether any of the male WVU fans were also asked to leave):



As for what we all came here to see, it’s available for your viewing pleasure in the two Instagram videos below. Just try not to throw any money at the screen, OK? You’d just have to pick it all up again and that would be awkward.

The twerking in question:


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And here’s a shot of the other WVU fans throwing cash at her:


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