This Random Boston Dude Snuck into the Ring After the Pacquiao-Rios Fight in China (Video)

boston guy sneaks into ring after pacquiao rios fight

You’ve probably never heard of “Donnie Does.” From all anyone can tell, he’s just some random Masshole who moved to China a couple of years ago and is trying to make it big as a YouTube star. His videos? They basically just show him scamming his way into jobs and being a loud, obnoxious d-bag. And they’re pretty funny. However, until last week, his most popular video had 29,548 views—which is decent, but not great.

That might be about to change. Last week Donnie pulled a pretty funny stunt wherein he hit the streets of Shanghai and pretended to be Roger Federer just to see if Chinese people think all white people look alike. He signed a lot of autographs.

Now he’s released an even better video. This time he put on a bright green suit/jersey combo (which he calls a suisey), walked right into the Chinese casino where Manny Pacquio was fighting Brandon Rios on November 23, and found himself some ringside seats.

Then it got better. After the fight, he just wandered right into the ring and started taking selfies.

Obviously, this whole thing seems almost too good to be true. Did this guy really scam his way into ringside seats for a Pacquiao fight? Did he really scam his way into the ring? On the one hand, that seems insane. But on the other hand, he’s not particularly well-known, so it’s hard to believe he’d have the connections to get him into the ring. So it’s gotta be real, right?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge. Check it out:

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]

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