David Stern Chokes On A Bottle Of Water (GIF)

David Stern Water Bottle Incident

We all have things that we just haven’t gotten the hang of yet, despite lots of practice. For outgoing NBA commissioner David Stern, one of those things is proper operation of a water bottle. And yes, I’m probably being a little hard on Mr. Stern when I phrase it that way – everybody accidentally gets some water down the wrong pipe every now and again. But we don’t generally do it on national TV during an NBA game.

The incident happened during the recent game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers, and the TNT cameras were lucky enough to catch the whole thing, color commentary and all (I guess TNT commentators aren’t afraid of incurring the wrath of David Stern, which is good for all of us). I’ve read some reports that say he realizes he’s on camera and smiles after choking, but it looks more like a standard embarrassed grin to me.

You can decide for yourself by watching David Stern choking on a water bottle in the video below. And let this be a lesson to everyone reading this: If you have a drinking problem, seek help, don’t allow the problem to escalate to an unmanageable point.



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