Deron Williams Put Chris Paul on Skates Last Night—Twice (Video)

Deron Williams

There’s really no debating who the best point guard in the NBA is right now. There used to be debating. Some people said it was Deron Williams. Some people said it was Chris Paul. However, since Williams got traded to the Nets and Paul got traded to the Clippers, it’s been no contest. Chris Paul isn’t just the best point guard in the NBA; he’s one of the three or four most valuable players period.

This doesn’t mean Williams isn’t still excellent, mind you. Last year he averaged 18.9 points and 7.7 assists per game, so the Nets could do a lot worse. That being said, this year Williams has been slowed by injuries, having only played in 11 of the Nets’ 22 games. And when he has played, he just hasn’t been his usual self…until this week.

On Tuesday, Williams had 25 points and seven assists in the Nets’ win over the Celtics. And last night, facing off against none other than Chris Paul and the Clippers, Williams had 15 points, four assists, and quite possibly the two best plays of the night.

Have a look:

Chris Paul may have scored more points on the night. But Williams had the standout plays, and his team won the game. More importantly, Deron is definitely is starting to look more like a franchise player, which is excellent news for the Nets.

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