Sewer Fishing: The Newest Amateur Sport (Video)

Sewer Fishing

We mostly cover the big sports on this site – you know, baseball, basketball, football, curling, stuff like that. But occasionally a sport in the infant stages of its development jumps out and demands attention. Today, that sport is sewer fishing.

Unlike more established sports that don’t have to have self-explanatory names, sewer fishing is exactly what it sounds like. You approach a sewer or storm drain, bait your hook, drop it down inside, and wait for the big one. The implications are surprising: For one that there are actually fish swimming around in sewers, and two, that they haven’t mutated into man-eating fish monsters (yet).

Even more surprising is that when you search for “sewer fishing” on YouTube you get quite a few results. Some of them are probably fake, but then again, some of them might be real. As for tips on sewer fishing, there doesn’t seem to be any one approach that’s the best, although I imagine trying it after a heavy rainstorm might improve your chances of catching something. If you’re interested, there’s an array of sewer fishing videos for your viewing pleasure below.

Here’s a guy who caught a fish using a hot dog as bait:

“Sewer Bass fishing”:

And a couple more:


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