What If Women Liked Football More than Men? (Video)

what if chicks liked football more than guys

I generally try to avoid stereotypes about gender roles so as to avoid coming off like a chauvinist d-bag. That being said, when pushed, even I would have to admit that men love football more than women. Yes, I know a few women who are nuts for the game, and I know some men who don’t know the first thing about it. But most women I know could care less, and most men I know can’t get enough.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like if the reverse were true—if women were the ones who were obsessed with football, and men were the ones who barely understood it?

Okay, you probably haven’t. But that didn’t stop the folks at Yahoo! Screen from wondering:

There’s nothing particularly creative about this video. It just takes all the male and female stereotypes—guys like beer, chicks like wine coolers—and flips them around. And yet for someone who’s not that impressed in theory, I sure laughed hard. So I guess stereotypes are inherently funnier than I realized.

Also, it’s true—women who do know a lot about football are so hot.

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