The Atlanta Hawks Were Trolling Tony Romo on Twitter Yesterday (Pic)

al horford atlanta hawks troll tony romo twitter burn

The Atlanta Hawks currently find themselves in third place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. However, that’s nothing to get excited about. Their record is just 12-12, and they’re only in third place because everyone else had the sense to gut their team and try for a high pick in the 2014 draft since there’s no chance of beating the Heat (or the Pacers) anyway.

But the Hawks are apparently proud of their current standing, because yesterday afternoon, following the Dallas Cowboys’ embarrassing collapse against the Packers, their official Twitter account was totally trolling poor Tony Romo:

atlanta hawks troll tony romo on twitter

That’s a picture of Al Horford taking what would be a game-winning shot against the Mavericks on November 29. The win pulled the Hawks to 9-8, and since then they’ve gone 3-4 to fall to 12-12.

So how bad was Tony Romo’s performance yesterday? Bad enough to encourage a mediocre basketball team to brag about a game they played over two weeks ago and rub it in his face.


Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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