Miami Dolphins Punter Brandon Fields Gets Hit in the Face by Snap (GIFs)

Brandon Fields Hit In Face

Here’s an incident from yesterday’s Patriots-Dolphins game that the producers of Football Follies would probably enjoy. Brandon Fields, punter for the Miami Dolphins (and also the holder during field goals), looked away from a snap at exactly the wrong moment and ended up getting hit in the face with the ball.

The snafu belies Fields’ in-game stats, which place him second in the NFL in punting average (48.7 yards). I don’t know what his “getting hit in the face during field goal kicks” average is, but I do know that it just went up, and he’s probably first in the league now.

Thanks to the benevolence of the internet (or, more specifically, SB Nation’s Brian Floyd here), we can see the hilarious face-fumble by the Dolphins’ Brandon Fields from two different angles.

Here’s a shot of the play from the back, which is just getting this party started:

Brandon Fields

And here’s a slow-motion shot of the ball hitting Fields square in the face:

Brandon Fields


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