Everyone Can See Through Julian Edelman’s Wet Pants (Photo)

Julian Edelman's Wet Pants

No, Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots did not wet his pants. Why would you think that?

Rather, it was rainy in Miami during Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, and all that water on the field had an unsettling effect on the opaqueness of his pants.

It happened after Edelman was tackled in the middle of the second quarter, with the camera operator zooming in to capture the action. The result was an eyeful of parts of Edelman that I doubt many people were interested in seeing.

Whether or not it was some trick of the light, a bad angle, or just what happens when Julian Edelman is exposed to water, I don’t know.  But you can see (or rather, you’ve already seen) the results in the picture above, taken from CBS’ coverage of the game (via Fansided).

One thing is certain: I’m definitely going to carry an umbrella the next time I go out in the rain in my football gear .


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