Another Week, Another Ridiculous Touchdown Catch from Alshon Jeffery (GIFs)

alshon jeffery touchdown catch vs browns

Can anyone in the NFL stop Alshon Jeffery from making ridiculous plays? I mean, I know the Bears have played the Vikings, Cowboys, and Browns the last three weeks, and those teams don’t exactly inspire fear in the hearts of offensive coordinators, but come on. For three straight weeks, the sophomore wide receiver out of South Carolina has made a highlight reel touchdown catch.

Need a refresher? Well, here’s what Jeffery did against the Vikings:

Alshon Jeffery catch vikings

And here is what he did against the Cowboys:

alshon jeffery catch cowboys

So what did he do against the Browns? He made a great adjustment while the ball was in flight, caught it beyond the outstretched arms of a defender, and then did a little shake and bake into the endzone:

Alshon Jeffery TD catch vs browns

Alshon Jeffery TD catch vs Browns

That touchdown tied the game in the fourth quarter, and the Bears would go on to win 38-31.

Something tells me Jeffery is going to be a pretty high pick in your fantasy football league’s draft next year.

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