The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Demonstrate How Not to Return a Kickoff (GIF)

buccaneers kickoff return fail vs 49ers

The 2013 NFL Season has been pretty weird. Teams that used to be good are now bad. Teams that used to be bad are now good. The Pats look like contenders but lost to the Jets. The Saints look like contenders but lost to the Rams. The Jaguars are terrible but run off four wins in five games.

Like I said…weird. And for a while, the Buccaneers were part of all this. Like the Jaguars, they too had won four out of five games despite the fact that they are terrible, and it was starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

However, yesterday that all came to an end when Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers came to town. They handed Tampa Bay a 33-14 beatdown that transformed the Bucs back into the bumbling idiots we had all grown to love…to see our teams beat.

Just take a look at this kickoff return:

tampa bay buccaneers kickoff return fail

Yep, there they are! Welcome back, crappy Bucs. We missed you!

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