Tony Romo Had a Pretty Rough Fourth Quarter Against the Packers on Sunday (GIFs)

tony romo interceptions

Yesterday the Green Bay Packers came back from a 26-3 deficit to beat the Dallas Cowboys, 37-36. So, obviously, the blame for this horrible choke-job falls on the Cowboys’ defense, right?

No, I’m totally kidding! When something goes wrong with the Cowboys, there can only be one man to blame: Tony Romo. I mean, he wasn’t the one who allowed backup QB Matt Flynn to throw for 182 yards and four touchdowns in the second half. That was the Dallas defense. And Romo and Dez Bryant did connect on a big touchdown to extend their lead to 35-29 with eight minutes left in the game. That was clutch.

But Romo contributed to the backbreaking loss with not one, but two interceptions in the final three minutes of the game. The second of those was actually a fantastic defensive play, and it came after the Packers had taken the lead, when the Cowboys were desperately trying to force big plays:

But the first interception? Yeah, it came with the Cowboys still ahead and a chance to run out the clock by just running the ball:

Oh Romo!

Packers win 36-35. Cowboys miss golden opportunity to tie the Eagles for first place.

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