21 Most Ridiculous Drunken Sports Fans of 2013

best of drunk sports fans 2013

Do you realize that there was a time—not all that long ago—when you could go to a sporting event, consume an inordinate amount of alcohol, make a complete ass of yourself, and not humiliate your mom and/or lose your job? Well it’s true. In 2003 only a handful of people had camera phones, and the images those things produced were terrible. Ten years later, everyone is carrying an HD video recorder around in their pocket at all times. And the result is that, if you get plastered and do something crazy, you will be on the internet.

Of course, despite the sheer volume of drunken shenanigans to be found on the web, there are always a few that stand out from the pack as truly spectacular. And today we’re honoring the drunken idiots that made a big impression on us in 2013.

Ready to laugh at a bunch of hilarious drunks? Okay then, follow me…


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