This Celtics Kid Has Better Dance Moves Than You Ever Will (Video)

celtics kid dancing slick moves

We don’t often show you sports fans with good dance moves. Most of the dancing fans we show you are pretty sloshed, so their dancing is more comedy than performance art.

The dancing Celtics fan we have for you today is different. You see, for starters, he’s a kid, which means he wasn’t drunk (well, it is Boston, so maybe he was a little drunk).  More importantly, he busted out some pretty sweet break dancing moves. I don’t know if they’ll get him on Jimmy Kimmel or anything, because he’s not adorably obese. But it was still quite the performance, and it really impressed the guys on NBA TV’s Pregame Show last night.

Well actually, I should say they impressed Dennis Scott, who couldn’t stop talking about the kid. The other two guys—Brent Barry and John Greenburg—actually seemed pretty annoyed.

Take a look:

Come on, guys, lighten up. You’re talking about point guards, not foreign policy. Enjoy the dancing and give the kid his 15 seconds of fame.


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