Justin Tucker’s Amazing 61-Yard Game-Winning Field Goal Left the Lions Pretty Dejected (GIFs)

ravens beat lions on close 61-yard field goal

NFL kickers don’t have it easy. They work as hard as anybody at what they do, but they rarely get the spotlight all to themselves. In fact, unless they’re breaking all-time records, the only time they get attention is when they screw up. And then some a**hole comes along and does something like this.

However, last night was different. The defending Super Bowl champs were in Detroit for a Monday Night Football tilt with the Lions, and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker provided 100% of the offense. He kicked six field goals in a thrilling 18-16 win, and the last one—which came with just 43 seconds left on the clock—was a clutch 61-yarder that just barely snuck inside the right post and over the crossbar.

How close was it?

Justin Tucker 61-yard field goal vs Detroit Lions

Justin Tucker 61-yard field goal vs. Detroit Lions (close up near upright)

It was pretty close. But that’s the life of an NFL kicker—you walk a fine line between glory and infamy.

Of course, the same can be said for NFL teams in general. The poor Lions were as desperate for a win as the Ravens, and they came within a foot of getting one. So as you can imagine, they were pretty dejected afterward:

Sad Detroit lions

The home team has to walk up three huge flights of stairs to get to the locker room? I’d be dejected, too. Whoever designed Ford Field is one sick bastard.

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