Here’s the Entire Knicks Season Explained in 13.2 Awful Seconds (Video)

knicks blow game no time out

If you are a Knicks fan and you didn’t watch last night’s game against the Wizards, you may want to stop reading right now. I’m serious. Go read something else, like a heartwarming story about an NBA player with a heart of gold, or maybe this list of the hottest NFL cheerleaders of 2013. But don’t ready this post, because it’s pretty brutal.

On the flip side, if you enjoy watching the Knicks suck, by all means continue. The video you are about to watch has everything—terrible defense, terrible offense, terrible clock management, terrible coaching. It’s just plain terrible, which is to say it perfectly encapsulates the Knicks’ season.

You see, last night against the Wiz, the Knicks were up 101-100 with 13.2 seconds left. Their strategy for the remaining 13 seconds? Let them inbound the ball to Bradley Beal and let him take it straight to the hoop for an easy layup. Then have Carmelo Anthony saunter up the court like he’s got all the time in the world and throw up a terrible three-point attempt in double-coverage.

Take a look:

Dumbfounded? Yep. The Knicks will do that to you.

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