High School RB Demonstrates Crazy Athleticism by Hurdling One Defender and Juking Another (Video)

stacy mccray hurdle juke

For the most part, when we show you highlights of a football player hurdling over or juking his way around an opponent, said player is only performing one move or the other.  Rarely, if ever, do we see them perform both maneuvers on the same play.

That’s what makes the following play by Parkway High School (Bossier City, La.) running back Stacy McCray so incredible.  During his team’s 5A championship game against Acadiana, he hauled in a pass along the sidelines and hurdled over the first attempted tackler before sidestepping a second oncoming tackler immediately after.

Unfortunately for McCray, that ridiculous display of athleticism wasn’t enough to earn his team the championship (they would go on to lose by a score of 71-44), but it did earn him a spot on several highlight packages.

Check it out:

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