Blackhawks Ice Girl Provides the Greatest NHL Goal Cam Footage You Will Ever See (Video)

nhl goal cam nice view blackhawks ice girl

The NFL gets amazing footage no one could ever have dreamed of with those Skycams that hover over the playing field. Likewise, the various auto racing circuits get some pretty incredible shots from cameras mounted on top of cars—especially when there’s a wreck. And, of course, MLB and the NBA…okay, so they don’t really have any cool camera angles.

The NHL certainly does, though. They have the goal cam, which provides absolutely amazing footage. And not only is this footage useful for reviewing goals, but it also gives fans an idea of what it’s like to be on the ice and in the action. Not even the NFL Skycam does that.

Just take a look at this edited clip of goal cam footage from a Blackhawks-Flyers game a couple years ago:

Of course, while that footage was pretty cool, it’s nothing compared to the footage captured by the goal cam at a recent Blackhawks game.

You know the Ice Girls who come out and clean the ice during TV time outs? Yeah, well, they clean inside the goal, too. And to get in there…well, you know.

Check it out:

Yay sports!

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