Florida Gulf Coast Pulled Off the Most Insane Buzzer-Beater Ever, But it Was Disallowed (Video)

FGCU buzzer beater

Trailing South Florida by a score of 68-66 with just 0.3 seconds remaining on the game-clock, Florida Gulf Coast University was forced to inbound the ball from under their own basket in hopes of pulling off some sort of full-court-quick-shot miracle to extend the game.  And to the utter surprise of just about everyone in the USF Sun Dome, FGCU would execute their miracle play to perfection, as Chase Fieler caught the inbound pass under the South Florida basket and quickly got off the game-tying shot before the final buzzer sounded.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, it was all for naught.  As per NCAA rules, anything under 0.4 seconds is not enough time to get off a shot.  Because there was only 0.3 seconds remaining, only a tip-in could tie the game for FGSU—any sort of catch-and-shoot would be disallowed.  Fieler’s basket was clearly a catch-and-shoot, so it was disallowed, even though he got it off before the buzzer.

Had there been one-tenth of a second more on the game-clock, it would have been another Cinderella moment for Florida Gulf Coast University.

I guess the slipper doesn’t fit this season.

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