Sacramento Kings PG Isaiah Thomas Accidentally Gropes Female Ref’s Breast (GIF)

isaiah thomas grabs referees breast

Did you know there are female referees in the NBA? If you’re not a big fan, probably not. After all, only three of the league’s 70-person pool are women, so if you’re a casual fan that doesn’t give you good odds of seeing one of them in action on the odd night that you actually catch a game. Nevertheless, there are female refs, and I bring it up because last night one of them was involved in a pretty awkward situation in Charlotte.

The Sacramento Kings were in town taking on the Bobcats, and at one point in the game, after a foul in the lane left Kings forward Travis Outlaw on the ground and looking for some revenge, Isaiah Thomas stepped in with his arms outstretched to play peacemaker.

Unfortunately, that’s the exact moment referee Lauren Holtkamp came rushing onto the scene. And, as a result, she gave Thomas quite the handful:

Isaiah Thomas accidentally grabs female referee's breast

Yep, that’s awkward.

Of course, it was obviously just an accident. If you’re looking for somebody who intentionally sexually harasses women, you want the other Isiah Thomas.

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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