Minnesota Wild Mascot Mocks the Canucks and Their ‘Green Men’ by Wearing Green Spandex Bodysuit (Video)

minnesota wild mascot makes fun of vancouver green men

Whoever is inside the Minnesota Wild mascot deserves a raise. Last night the red hot Vancouver Canucks were in Minnesota to take on the Wild, and Nordy, who is some sort of unspecified wild animal, was prepared.

You know the “Green Men,” right? The guys that sit by the glass at Canucks playoff games and taunt opposing players? They’re not at all affiliated with the Canucks organization.  In fact, they have even run into some trouble for their antics. Nevertheless, they’ve become staples at Rogers Arena…and pretty much everyone outside Vancouver despises them as much as they despise the actual hockey team.

Well, last night Nordy gave the Canucks a taste of their own medicine while mocking the Green Men at the same time. He put on one of those lime green spandex bodysuits and did a creepy little dance right in the visitors’ faces.

It was both hilarious and utterly disturbing at the same time.

Take a look:

We can’t say for sure whether Nordy really got into the Canucks’ heads. But the Wild won 3-2 in a shootout, ending Vancouver’s seven-game winning streak. So you never know.

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