Crazy Weather: Severe Hail Storm Delays Manchester United-Stoke City Game (GIFs)

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About a month ago, a Bears-Ravens game get delayed by a lightning storm in Chicago. And just a few weeks ago, a Spurs-Timberwolves game got delayed by smoke in Mexico City. Now we’ve got a Manchester United-Stoke City game that was delayed by a severe hail storm in England.

Yesterday, Stoke City was hosting Man U at Britannia Stadium in Stoke-on-Trent for a League Cup quarterfinal. However, just 28 minutes into the match, with the score still tied at 0-0, the referees had to pull everyone off the field for a five-minute delay when the skies opened up and tiny balls of ice started pelting players and fans.

Apparently some players lobbied to keep playing, but others were cowering in the dugouts. So, since hail storms generally only last a few minutes, the refs decided everyone should just wait it out in the locker rooms.

Take a look at the wild scene:

manchester united vs stoke city hail storm delay

manchester united vs stoke hail storm delay

manchester united vs stoke hail storm delay

I like to make fun of soccer players for acting like big babies all the time, but here I don’t blame them for running. Playing soccer in a hail storm sounds painful.

As for the rest of the game…goals were scored! Manchester United won 2-0 to move on to the Cup semifinals.

Hat Tip – [Metro]

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