Terrifying Footage: Indian Soccer Stadium Collapses Sending Hundreds of Fans to the Hospital (Videos)

indian soccer stadium collapse

Apparently in Bekal, India, building codes are treated more like suggestions, rather than laws to be followed.

Last weekend, just prior to a soccer match that was part of a tournament organized by the Bekal Brothers Sports Club, the entire grandstand behind one of the goals collapsed while it was full of spectators. Hundreds were sent to the hospital with injuries, and reports are saying six of those cases were critical.

The stands, which were built out of iron bars and wooden boards, were constructed—or perhaps I should say thrown together—especially for the tournament. However, heavy rains saturated the wood and turned the dirt ground on which the grandstand was built into mud, and all this contributed to the horrifying collapse.

Obviously, authorities are now investigating the situation to figure out who is responsible for all this.

As you’ll see in the following two videos, the scene was absolutely terrifying. Quite frankly it’s amazing only six people were critically injured. This could have been so much worse.

Here’s hoping that those who were critically injured are able to pull through.

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