Knicks’ Andrea Bargnani Attempts the Dumbest Shot in Basketball History at the End of Overtime (Video)

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Earlier this week we showed you how the pitiful New York Knicks totally blew the last 13 seconds of a game against the Washington Wizards. Today we’ll show you how they almost blew last night’s game against the even more pitiful Milwaukee Bucks.

Let me set it up for you. After a close back-and-forth game, the teams headed to overtime.  And in overtime, the Knicks managed to claw their way to a 94-92 lead. Then, with 18 seconds left on the game clock and five seconds left on the shot clock, Carmelo Anthony pulled up and took a jump shot—and that made perfect sense. The Bucks are going to get the ball back if you don’t shoot, so you might as well try to extend the lead. Yes, you could hold on to the rock for a few more seconds, but you might not get as good a look.

What happened next, however, made no sense. Like literally no sense. You see, Anthony’s shot didn’t go in, but Tyson Chandler grabbed the offensive rebound and kicked it back out to Andrea Bargnani, which should have ended the game.

Why? Just do the math. Bargnani got the ball with 14 seconds left. Since the Knicks just took a shot, the shot clock was reset to 24 seconds. All Bargnani had to do, therefore, was hold on to the ball and wait for the Bucks to foul him. Game over, Knicks win.

Do you think that’s what Bargnani did?

Just take a look:

You’ve got to love the announcer’s reaction there. “WHAT IS BARGNANI DOING?!”

Anyway, after a timeout the Bucks would take the ball back down the court and hit a two-pointer to send the game to double-overtime. And there, finally, the Knicks put the game away.

Maybe we should just start a weekly feature called “Why the Knicks Suck.”


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