Pixar Animator Austin Madison Depicts “Fantasy Football” Match-Ups With Incredible Illustrations (Pics)

When you and I think of the term “fantasy football,” we think of Jamaal Charles getting us 10.8 fantasy points every time he breaks off a 48-yard touchdown run.

As for Pixar animator Austin Madison, when he thinks of “fantasy football,” he envisions Yosemite Sam knocking off an Indian (49ers vs. Redskins), and killer dolphins stalking helpless pirates (Dolphins vs. Bucs).  You can check out those visions, as well as others, in the gallery above, which features a look at just a few of the Monday Night match-ups from Madison’s “Fantasy Football” series.

If you’d like to check out more of Madison’s incredible NFL-inspired sketches, including the rest of his “Fantasy Football” illustrations, visit his Tumblr here.

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