This Emotional Reunion Between a Military Dad and His Son at a High School Football Game Will Make Your Week (Video)

military father surprises son at football game

Over the last several years, we’ve seen a lot of emotional surprise reunions between military parents and their children. In fact, there have been so many that you would think this formula would start to get old. After all, we live in a cynical world, and we know there are ulterior motives to just about every bit of media we consume. The news channel covering the reunion is just trying to draw in viewers with a story that pulls the heartstrings. The military is just trying to make us appreciate what they do and forget the politics of war.

But you know what? Every single time I see one of these, they get me. Like literally every time. That’s because the bond between parent and child always overcomes cynicism.

Today’s case is particularly touching. Back in September, Master Sergeant Joseph Martel returned home from deployment a month earlier than he was supposed to, went to his son’s football game dressed up as a player on the opposing team, and surprised him on the field.

When I first read about this, I thought, “oh come on, they really over-thought this one. It’s going to be so weird.”  But then I saw this big tough football player melt when he saw his dad, give him a huge hug, and cry on his shoulder. And, wouldn’t you know it, right then and there I got something in my eye.

Take a look:

See? There’s something in your eye, too, isn’t there?

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