NBA Referee Gets Taken Out by a Flagrant Flop (Video)

nba ref takes spill

Let me just start by saying they have some classy fans in Oklahoma City. Last night, one of the referees for the game between the Thunder and Bulls got taken out and hit the floor pretty hard. However, instead of cheering—which you would expect in places like Chicago or Philadelphia—the Thunder fans reacted in horror, before giving the man a hand when he got back on his feet.

Now, about the referee being taken out…that happened with just over a minute left in the second quarter. OKC’s Reggie Jackson was racing Chicago’s D.J. Augustin to a loose ball in the corner. Jackson got in Augustin’s way and gave him a little bump, so Augustin did what every NBA player does in this situation nowadays—he flopped.

Unfortunately, his flop took him straight into the path of the ref, taking out his legs and sending him crashing to the floor.

Take a look:

I’d say this is the rare case where you had a foul and a flop. Jackson clearly interfered with Augustin, but Augustin definitely embellished things on his end with an excessive flop.

As for the ref, talk about a pro, right? Guy gets taken out and still makes the (mostly) correct call while lying on the floor.


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