Packers QB Matt Flynn Nails Cameraman in Crotch (GIF)

Matt Flynn Hits Cameraman In Crotch

Cameramen are some of the great unsung heroes of the NFL, putting themselves (not to mention their expensive equipment) in the line of fire, day in and day out. Case in point: Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. During the third quarter, Packers quarterback Matt Flynn threw a spiral that ended up drilling a cameraman right in the crotch.

For the cameraman’s part, no one can question his bravery and courage in the line of dut.  Despite what must have been searing pain, he doubles over but doesn’t hit the ground. You don’t see dudes as tough as that every day, that’s for sure.

Until the footage collected by that camera hits the internet (if it ever does), you’ll have to be content with the animated GIF below, which shows the pass in question as it arcs through the air and ends up right in the cameraman’s no-zone. Then there’s a decent bounce, and the whole thing starts over again.

Check it out:

That is one unlucky cameraman. Let’s all share a moment of silence for this guy during the coming holiday season, okay?

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