Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Shoves Security Director After Game (GIF)

Jason Garrett Shove

It’s been a rough season for the Dallas Cowboys, but you wouldn’t have thought that head coach Jason Garrett would be in a shove-happy mood after his team’s 24-23 victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday. And yet, viewers of the coach’s post-game antics were treated to the sight of him stiff-arming some mysterious party in a suit and tie. Who was this man, and why was Jason Garrett so angry at him?

Turns out, after much speculation across social media in the hours following Sunday’s game, it has been determined that the man is Dallas Cowboys Director of Security Larry Wansley, and Jason Garrett wasn’t actually angry at all. Just some “playful wrasslin,” according to the following tweet from sports reporter Mike Fisher:

Well, that’s either a relief or a disappointment, depending on your perspective. As for the shove itself, you can check it out in glorious animated GIF form below:

Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett Throws a Shove After Come-from-Behind Victory

 Come to think of it, Jason Garrett does look like he’s grinning a little bit as he shoves his team’s Director of Security.


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