Peyton Manning Adds Single-Season TD Record to His Curriculum Vitae (GIFs)

peyton manning breaks single-season touchdown record

You know, this Peyton Manning guy is kind of good.

Sure, he’s got some critics. Some, for example, may knock him because he only has one Super Bowl ring. Others, meanwhile, have said Peyton is a dome quarterback who can’t play outdoors under adverse weather conditions.

Of course, there’s nothing anyone can do to refute the former critique (other than say it’s dumb, because the NFL isn’t like the NBA where one or two great players can win a championship). But the 2013-14 season certainly refutes the latter. This year he’s played in everything from sweltering heat to frigid cold and snow, and all he’s done is have one of the greatest seasons by a quarterback in the history of professional gridiron football.

Right now, heading into the final week of the season, Peyton is just 265 passing yards short of the all-time single-season record—currently held by Drew Brees at 5,476. And yesterday, Manning broke the all-time single-season touchdown record…again.

That’s right. The record of 48 set by Dan Marino in 1984 stood for 20 years. Then Peyton threw 49 in 2004, and Tom Brady threw 50 in 2007. But now Peyton is at the top again with 51, thanks to another four-touchdown performance yesterday against the Houston Texans.

They weren’t gimmes, either. Here’s touchdown #50:

peyton manning record tying touchdown

And here’s historic touchdown #51:

peyton manning record breaking touchdown

See? Two absolutely perfect passes.

So soak it all in, everyone. Manning is a legend, and we’re probably not going to see anyone like him for a long, long time.

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