Security Guard Throws Drunk Redskins Fan Down Flight of Stairs (Video)

skins fan thrown down stairs

Note to self: don’t f#@& with the security guards at Washington Redskins games.

Yesterday during Washington’s loss to the Cowboys, a man wearing a “Dallas Sucks” t-shirt was being ejected and one of the security guards basically shoved him down the stairs.

At first, when the Vine of this scene started making the rounds on the interwebz, nobody really knew any of the background. However, the folks over at Deadspin did some investigating and found a few people who were sitting in the same section. They said there were two wasted Redskins fans who were being particularly vulgar, which maybe wouldn’t have been a big deal if not for the fact that some Cowboys fans—including a 10-year-old girl—were sitting right in front of them. So security came and kicked them out.

However, about a half hour later, the two returned. And despite the fact that they promised the people sitting next to them that they would behave, the security guards eventually saw them and were pissed. So they came up to eject them again. And that’s when this happened:

Now, as you can see, the security guard doesn’t exactly hurl the drunk dude down the stairs. But he does give him a tug. So I’d say this one is 30% security overreaction, and 70% drunk guy who isn’t so steady on his feet.

What do you think?

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