Stat Line of the Night — 12/22/2013 — Peyton Manning

peyton manning single season touchdown record

Peyton Manning‘s numbers against the Houston Texans were pretty impressive, as he passed for 400 yards and four touchdowns.  But this “Stat Line of the Night” is about more than just what Manning did this past Sunday.  It’s about what Manning has done throughout the entire 2013 NFL season, and all that he’s done is break one of the most prestigious single season records for a quarterback.

Entering week 16 with 47 touchdowns on the season, Manning’s four against the Texans were enough to help him surpass Tom Brady’s previous single-season touchdown record of 50, while also leading the Broncos to a division clinching 37-13 victory.

He may not have as many Super Bowls as Tom Brady or Joe Montana, but Manning continues to pile up the individual records, and he can now add the single-season touchdown mark to that list.

Peyton Manning earns “The Stat Line of the Night” for Sunday, December 22, 2013.

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