Tom Brady Was Left Hanging Yet Again (GIF)

Tom Brady Left Hanging Yet Again

Okay, this has to be a joke, right?  One I could believe, and two stretched credibility, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that Tom Brady‘s perpetual inability to get a high-five from any of his teammates on the New England Patriots is actually just an elaborate joke that is being played on the television viewing audience at home.

Aside from the fact that it keeps happening, I also submit as evidence Tom Brady’s demeanor during the latest incident from Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. Instead of looking like a sad Charles Schultz character, his face is full of guileless optimism—the kind that seems to indicate this is a joke.

You can watch an animated GIF of Tom Brady being left hanging during yesterday’s game below, and make the call for yourself:

Tom Brady Gets Left Hanging, Again

Is this now an intentional joke on Brady’s part, making light of his previous efforts to get a high-five from his teammates? Or was it an elaborate joke from the very beginning?

And let’s not forget option C: Tom Brady actually is this lame.

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