Tony Romo Finds Redemption After Last Week’s Debacle with Clutch TD on 4th & Goal (GIF)

tony romo dallas touchdown

Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys found themselves trailing the Washington Ethnic Slurs 23-17 on 4th and goal with just over one minute left on the clock—and Tony Romo came through in the clutch.

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Okay, so that’s a little harsh. But after last week, it probably felt like a miracle to Cowboys fans.  After all, last Sunday Romo threw not one, but two interceptions in the final two minutes of the Cowboys’ loss to the Packers. So when yesterday’s game in Washington came down to a 4th and goal from the 10-yard line, people probably had their anti-Romo tirades all ready to go. They were just waiting to see the ball fall into the hands of a Washington defender.

But then something funny happened. Under intense pressure, Romo scrambled and found an open DeMarco Murray for the game-winning touchdown.


tony romo clutch touchdown

It’s hard to say this touchdown “saved” the Dallas season, given that they squandered so many other opportunities to take command of the NFC East this year. But, technically, this touchdown did keep their playoff hopes alive.

Nice going, Romo.

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