Sabres Beat the Coyotes Thanks to Crazy Puck-in-Pants Goal in Overtime (Video)

Puck in Pants Goal (Courtesy of Yahoo Sports)

Pop quiz, hotshot: You’re an NHL referee, and you see an airborne puck fly into a goalie’s pants. What do you do? What do you do?

The answer is actually quite simple: You keep your eyes on those pants. If they cross the goal line, the goal is counted.

It might seem like something from The Mighty Ducks or an old Hal Roach comedy, but it actually happened at yesterday’s game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Phoenix Coyotes. The unlucky goalie with the magnetic pants is Mike Smith of the Coyotes, who probably didn’t even know he was carrying such valuable cargo in his pants when he slid back into his own net to cap off the embarrassing own-goal.

Oh well.  Goalies allows goals against all the time, and at least Mike Smith has a funny story to tell about this particular goal against.

As for the rest of us, we can witness this funny story unfold in the video below. If you don’t catch it the first time, don’t worry..  There’s a very clear slow-motion vantage point that conveys all of the complicated actions in vivid detail.

Here’s the video of the Coyotes’ Mike Smith accidentally scoring a goal for the other team with the puck in his pants:

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